Extending coverage for vacant/unoccupied risks

In April, we clarified our position on vacant properties as a result of COVID-19 restrictions that businesses have been implementing. RSA’s standard wording for vacant properties and construction sites provides 30 days of coverage automatically; for those areas of the country where businesses are required to close down for more than 30 days due to government order, mandate or declaration, we allowed an additional 30 days (60 consecutive days in total), for vacant or unoccupied risks during this pandemic.

In an effort to provide increased support to our valued customers, RSA will be extending the standard coverage by an additional 30 days (90 consecutive days in total) for businesses that were required to close down due to government order, mandate or declaration, effective immediately. Should coverage be required beyond 90 days, please contact us and we will review each circumstance on a case by case basis.

Mitigating your client’s risk

There remains a requirement that our insureds mitigate their risk by taking all reasonable actions to protect their property, construction sites and equipment during the period of vacancy. To this end, we recommend that you share these tip sheets:

We are committed to supporting our brokers and customers during this difficult period. Should you have any questions, we want to remind you that our underwriters continue to be available through phone or email.


Paul Lucarelli
SVP, Commercial Insurance